Mr. Roddick receives Award from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors during Small Business Week!

August 9, 2017

Mr. Roddick was honored for District 8 by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors during Small Business Week!


Supervisor Sheehy’s Speech at the Award Ceremony:



"As part of Small Business Week, I am proud to recognize our District 8 honoree, Bob Roddick from Noe Valley. Bob grew up in Noe Valley, the son of immigrants. He became a firefighter, serving and protecting San Franciscans until a serious work injury forced him to change careers - I’d like to thank you for your service on behalf of the citizens. He became an attorney, and in 1978 opened Noe Valley Law Offices where he practices estate planning, family trusts, and business law. Over his career he has advised Noe Valley residents and businesses with an open-door, pro bono policy.


For over twenty years, Bob served as President of the Noe Valley Merchants and Professional Association and was on the San Francisco Council of District Merchants. Bob helped form the Noe Valley Association, Noe Valley’s Community Benefit District, and has been the chairperson since it began. He did the legal paperwork to form the CBD, one of the most thriving in the City.


Along 24th Street, Bob worked for the four open garden areas, flower baskets, planter boxes, bulb-outs, benches, holiday lighting, created SummerFest - he’s really transformed the 24th Street business district into the heart of Noe Valley, and it is a vibrant and thriving street.


Bob served on the St. Philip’s parish council, was Chair of the annual St. Philip’s Festival, and his leadership at a crucial time helped save the school from closing doors. Without his leadership, it might have done otherwise.

Bob, the City of San Francisco is exceedingly grateful for your tireless energy and service. It is an honor to recognize you today. Thank you.”




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